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Our Facebook Beanie Babies Collectors group asked us to moderate in a way that helps keep “junk” off of their feeds.  If you wish to sell in this group please be respectful of your potential buyers.  Due to the misleading information published on the internet we have to set rules that we are comfortable with.

You do not have to purchase the guide to participate in this group.  Most of us do not mind answering a few value questions on beanies not covered in these articles.  The articles are here to help you.  Because we have so many helpful articles you will see us refer to this post quite often.  The articles are hosted on the same site as the price guide and are free to read.  Some people think we are pushing the guide when we are trying to help by sending you to a relevant free article.   We are simply trying to eliminate the repetitive posts while providing information.

This Clickable Heart is a fun and easy way to access Helpful Information on a variety of topics.

This can read like a college Beanieology 101 course.  It takes time to learn.  We hope we can help and our members do too.  If, after reading the information below, you have questions please go ahead and ask away.

If you are here because you read an internet article about the rarest beanies we regret to inform you that 99.9% of these articles are completely false. No Beanies available to the general public are worth tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. The Beanies they have pictured are usually of common, everyday $5 beanies. There are some Beanies that DO have a high value.  If you read it on mentalfloss, Cosmopolitan, eightieskids, wealthygorilla, wideopencountry, completeset, gemr, scarymommy, moneyinc, ranker or thefiscaltimes you have read clickbait.  Some of these websites get a few right, like Chef Robuchon (last one sold for $6499) but most are inaccurate information.  Business Insider retracted their article when shown the facts.

There are no official Beanie Baby Appraisers.  There are 2 reputable Beanie Baby Authenticators who have been involved in the hobby since the beginning.  This price guide was created in 2011 and is continually updated.  All 3 women involved with this site have helped insurance companies value collections.  We have been active with various pricing magazines & guides since Beanies gained popularity in the 90’s.

What it all boils down to is this – if you have desirable Beanies they will sell.  If you don’t, they won’t.

We are happy to answer questions not covered above in our Beanie Babies Collectors Facebook group.

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