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Price Guide

The Beanie Babies Price Guide is the simplest and quickest way to value your Ty Beanies and sell for bigger profits!

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Beanie Database

A complete list of Ty Beanie Babies from A to Z. Detailed information and photos of each and every Beanie Baby!

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Articles & Videos

The most comprehensive library of answers to your questions! Errors. Tags. Where to sell. Rarest Beanies!

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Beanie Library

Featuring the most asked about Beanie Babies! See the research behind the prices and/or authenticity!

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What Is The Beanie Babies Price Guide?

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  • Over 3,000 Beanie Babies listed at their current selling price range
  • Fair prices whether buying or selling
  • Gets you organized; lists Beanies alphabetically, and gives hang tag generation(s)
  • Explains Beanie terminology so you know what BBOC stand for

  • Research “done for you” by 3 Beanie experts in the field over 20 years each
  • Not computer generated, so weeds out fake sales, counterfeits, etc.
  • Creased hang tag? No problem, we give prices for all conditions

  • We tell you if it was limited distribution, or exclusive to a store/country/etc.
  • We update it regularly so you will always buy the latest version
  • We list all variations that have a significant impact on value – Libearty currently can vary from $5 – $1,000; Valentino can range from $2 – $600.
  • Know their true worth

Tag Generations Have a Direct Impact on the value of Your Beanie Babies!

Quickly identify the tag generations of your Beanie Babies with our “At a Glance” Charts. 1st Generation is the oldest and rarest hang tag; 20th the latest. Tush tags currently run from 1st to 16th Generation, and give the Beanie name’s copyright date, origin of beanie, and pellets. Collectors want to know a Beanie’s hang tag generation when buying, especially the earlier generations

Our price guide has sections for each generation and 3 different condition types.
The Beanie Babies Price Guide is the simplest and quickest way to value your Ty Beanie Babies and sell them for bigger profits!


Beanie Database

Click on a letter of the alphabet to see all Beanie Babies that begin with that letter.
The “#” sign represents beanie baby’s names that begin with a number.

There are over 2,800 Ty Beanie Babies photographs and information in total on these pages. 

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