The Beanie Babies Price Guide 2021

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What is the Guide?

What Is The Beanie Babies Price Guide?

A foolproof system to show you how to quickly price your beanies for sale!

Are you trying to sell your Beanie Babies, but don’t know where to start pricing? Have you tried going through all the hassle of annoying research that ended up going nowhere? That’s why we’re here.

Why Our Beanie Babies Price Guide? Simple. Years of market research experience from 3 experts who have been involved with Ty Beanie Babies since the mid 1990’s when the frenzy all began. We know the product inside and out.

What makes our guide different?  We physically do the research ourselves and use multiple platforms to do so. We spend many, many hours getting it right. We do not use some computer program that pulls prices and then averages them.   Those programs get it all wrong.  For example, if you are pricing a Chilly it would average the beanie baby, teenie beanie baby, beanie buddy, beanie baby trading card, and even the counterfeits.  It would include all conditions like mint, non mint and tagless. This does not give you an accurate portrayal of pricing.

Our price guide has sections for each generation and 3 different condition types.  The Beanie Babies Price Guide is the simplest and quickest way to value your Ty Beanie Babies and sell them for bigger profits!

Learn the hidden secrets that can drastically change the value of your Beanie Babies!

The Beanie Babies Price Guide eBook turns hours of painful research into a fast and easy way to sell your Beanie Babies for more money! You’ll get a downloadable eBook full of values for every single Beanie Baby hang-tag to date – an incredibly important part of valuing your Beanie Babies! You’ll never have to waste days searching the internet for this info again!

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The Beanie Babies Price Guide covers everything about pricing and selling your Beanie Babies in today’s market.This eBook is for those with Ty Beanie Babies that are looking to sell but have no idea where to start; or for those of you browsing flea markets and thrift stores for low-cost, high-value treasures. This is the perfect eBook for all of your Ty Beanie Baby questions! Sounds great, doesn’t it? So why wait any longer? At just $9.95, the Beanie Babies Price Guide is the best investment you can make in increasing your Beanie Baby sales! Not sure what some beanie terms mean? No worries: we’ve even put in a list of collector definitions – you’ll never feel lost as you turn the electronic pages of this priceless resource!

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What Powerful Secrets Are Included In The Beanie Babies Price Guide & Website?

  • Info to help you find out which RARE Beanies are in your collection.
  • Beanie terms and lingo so you know what your Beanies are worth. Insider facts on how to quickly determine the condition of your Beanies.
  • Amazingly well-laid out Beanie hang-tag and tush-tag charts that show how they relate to value instantly.
  • Powerful tips on how to build the best collection.
  • Best ways to preserve your Beanies for higher resale value
  • Methods to determine the age of your Beanies. Information on the different parts of Beanie Babies and how each part can affect their value.
  • Information on the collector’s value of your Beanies. How to determine if your collection is worth selling or donating.
  • Hints and tricks to avoid getting ripped off when selling or buying.


Love the price guide! I came across it by accident and am really happy I did. I found some of the beanies that I have with DVD’s are worth selling, so I am going to do just that! Thank you.

Jaclynn from Iowa

Thanks so much. I try to keep records myself, but sometimes I can’t find the style number on the actual beanie tags, so this list will enable me to fill in my gaps! What a treat to have had the work done for me. Thanks again!

Wendy from Texas

Do you realize what a huge help this has been? My mother passed away and I was given her collection. She treasured it, but I just don’t have enough room to keep all her belongings, so I had to make some hard choices. I almost gave away some that were worth a few hundred dollars! I hadn’t realized some had retained their value. I am sure it is less than she paid for them, but they did bring her great joy while she was alive.

Mary Lou from Arkansas

Thank you, thank you! I wanted a price guide, I dreamt of having a price guide, and I got a price guide! This will help me tremendously to organize and decide what I will sell and what I’ll donate. Kudos to you!

Mary L. from Ohio

Wow, I didn’t realize the prices had dropped so much…no wonder my beanies didn’t sell recently because I had priced them too high. I am going to choose to donate those worth less than $2, and concentrate on selling those worth over $10.

John from Wisconsin

Thanks for clearing up about the Mastercard Beanies. I haven’t been able to find articles about them, and wondered why people kept sending me messages via ebay about the color of my Mastercard’s nose. I didn’t know there were different ones.

Sherry from Indiana

Wanted you to know that I don’t just use your price guide for prices…I also use it to get the beanies generation, and when there is a choice of 2 generations, I found the tag generation chart very easy to follow.

Kevin from Florida

I was shocked to see HOW MANY beanies Ty has made. I had no idea. I am going to print the list and carry it with me when I go rummaging. I love having prices of ones with a not mint paper/hang tag too, because sometimes that is what I find. Thanks!

Bonni from California

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