You Won't find a more experienced Trio!

What makes an expert an expert?


All 3 people involved in maintaining this website have been very active in the Beanie Baby community for almost 20 years, keeping meticulous records and facts of the Ty products as events happened, and have been collectors themselves.
This trio has generously shared their knowledge with collectors and sellers over the years, through all means: online, in print, by phone, and now are willing to share it to an even wider audience!

Becky Estenssoro

Co-Author & Editor
Co-author/editor of the Beanie Mania books and magazines, Becky Estenssoro is responsible for creating the first Beanie Baby price guide and system to record the differences in tags, later to be called “tag generations”. Becky has been an expert in examining Beanie Babies for almost 2 decades and is owner of True Blue Beans Authentication Service.

She has also been a guest speaker on many TV and radio talk shows including CNN/Fortune, CBS News, CBS This Morning, Fox News, WGN; and has been featured in numerous publications including The Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, and the LA Times. Literally tens of thousands of Beanie Babies have passed through her hands after many years of research.

Karen Holmes

Editor of the Ty Beanies Tracker Book Third Edition, Karen Holmes has been an avid Beanie Baby collector for 13+ years. Recognized as an expert on Ty products, Karen was invited to be a guest on Harry Rinkler’s WHATCHA GOT? RADIO, a na­tionally syndicated antiques and collectibles radio call-in show.

Karen has had one of every Beanie Baby in her collection, and developed a pas­sion for researching and recording an enormous amount of historical facts about the Ty products. Karen has been interactive with collectors for many years and continues to be on top of the Beanie news.

Karen Boeker

Karen Boeker has been a collector and researcher since day one. She has a vast amount of knowledge on older beanies, their rarity, and is constantly monitoring prices. Karen has played an incredibly important role both behind the scenes and directly with published price guides. Karen has authored many in depth informational articles over the years on all things Ty.

She has been the creator and moderator of several Beanie Baby news and forum sites. Karen is a recognized counterfeit expert. She has played a vital part in educat­ing thousands of collectors about counterfeit Ty products. She continues to stay on the pulse of the Beanie market trends.

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