“What is my Peace Bear worth, it has multiple errors?”  is a common question asked in our Facebook groups.

This is a simple answer: Error tags are just internet rumors. To some that is hard to believe, but we explain more about them in the following 3 blog posts. Please read them.

Error tag information can be found


“What affects the value of my Peace Bear?” would be a better question to ask.

Check to see if your Peace Bear has a red factory stamp inside the looped tush tag.If it has the number 108 or 113 it is can be worth $35+ to the right buyer.  If it’s a really pretty color it can go higher.  Not all Peace Bears have a number. 

107 and 114 are thought to be harder to find but recent sales show neither performing well, price wise.

Solid color “pajama” Peace Bears can be worth a bit. Solid blue seems to be the most common of the solids. Solids vary widely in value with Yellow seeming to be the most desirable at this time.

The highest verified price paid for a Peace bear by a collector within the past 90 days is $160.  It was an Indonesia Neon with stunning yellow & red.

102 TY INC Neon’s can possibly bring $15+ for exceptional colors.  Pastel Peace bears are appealing to many and true Pastels can bring $10+ to the right buyer.  Just because it has the 102 stamp does not automatically make it neon or pastel.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder with Peace bears. The vast majority are worth less than $5. The small niche market is shrinking.  Some buyers are willing to pay for what collectors call “exceptional” colored Peace Bears.