08/01/2023 Stephanie Sengwe of PEOPLE

Here Are The Most Valuable Beanie Babies, According to an Expert

07/24/2022 Alex Linde of The Trendspotter

30 Most Expensive Beanie Babies & Worth Guide in 2022 (Some photos are incorrect)

02/04/2022 Stephanie Kim of WBEZ CHICAGO

How the Beanie Babies craze started in a Naperville cul-de-sac

01/12/2022 Emily Stewart of VOX Article

After the Beanie Baby bubble burst

01/11/2022 Burt Constable of Daily Herald IL Article

Remember 'Beanie Mania'? These women in a Naperville cul-de-sac made it happen

December 2021 Sara Craig of Gimlet & ZSP Media - Spotify Exclusive

"Not Past It" The Beanie Baby Craze, featuring Becky Estenssoro as a 1990 Beanie Baby Influencer

09/14/2021 Matthew Gault of Article

Investigating The Fake EBay Market For $25,000 Beanie Babies​

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