Quickly identify which Asia Pacific beanie babies go together as a set (in columns), and the country (in rows) with the chart below. This will help you determine the value and gain more knowledge about your beanie babies for when you are looking to sell your collection.  For more information on the current values, the Beanie Babies Price Guide is the most updated guide available for a nominal price.  Beanie Babies Price Guide 2018

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Australia: Down Under, Starry, Australia, Ocker, Aussiebear, Wattlie
Japan: Daichi, Hikari, Japan, Hannah, Ai, Sakura II
Korea: Panmunjom, Korea, (2005), Korea, Nara, Coreana, Mugungwha
Malaysia: TANAHAIRKU, Negaraku, Malaysia, Cinta, Wirabear, Bunga Raya
New Zealand: Kia Ora, Aotearoa, New Zealand, Silver, Kiwiana, Ferny
Singapore: Merion, Maiju, Singapore, Joaquim, Singabear, Vanda