Nara (Korea) (Asia Pacific Exclusive)

beanie Facts

Beanie Name Nara (Korea)
Style Number 46003
Exclusivity Country Excl. – Asia Pacific
Category Bear
Sub Category NF New Face
Theme Country flower, Asia-Pacific Set
Birthday 01/22/04
Intro Date 02/09/04
Retired Date 03/15/06
Hang Tag Gen 12
Tush Tag Gen 13
Copyright Date 2003
Pellets PE Plastic
Origin China
Color white purple


Hang tag for Nara is in Korean writing, tush tag is the English translation

Translated into English:
Mugungwha is our national flower
It is in beautiful bloom in our country
When we are in joy or in sorrow
It is always in bloom in our heart !

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Additional Information

Tush tag: Nara (Korea)

Asia-Pacific (AP) Sets shipped to 6 countries: Australia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand and Singapore.

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