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Ty Beanie Baby Mystic the Unicorn is a hot topic online recently.  Some clickbait style articles are claiming that it is rare.  The version they show is common.   However, there is one valuable version.  Sorry, it’s not worth a down payment on a home like some claim.  So, let’s explain how Mystic works.
The first thing you want to look at is the swing tag.  You want one of these 3 tags for it to have any kind of a value :

The 1st gen tag is the rarest followed by the other 2.  Once you start seeing a 4th or 5th gen swing tag on this Beanie Baby it’s pretty much not worth more than $5.  Forget errors and every other rumor on the internet.  The “ii” error on the 5th gen swing tag, along with the “suface” wash on the back of the swing tag were manufactured in the hundreds of thousands, if not millions.  Here is an article on them : Ty Beanie Baby 5th Generation Swing Tags
The first version of Mystic is the Fine Yarn Mane w/ Tan Horn (shown with a 3rd gen swing tag) here  :

Fine Mane Mystic w/ Tan Horn can come with a 1st, 2nd or 3rd generation swing tag.  This is the rarest version.  The “Fine Mane” version is easy to tell by the number of strands of yarn on the tail.  It averages around 20.  Values for this version in perfect mint condition with perfect mint (no creases, writing, tears or any wear) are :

  • 1st Gen – $1200 – $1500  (must be authenticated)  This is the rarest version.
  • 2nd Gen –  $250 – $350  (again  – authenticated)
  • 2nd Gen German / Korean (values fluctuate)
  • 2nd Gen UK Ltd tag $290 – $400
  • 3rd Gen –  $45 – 80
  • 3rd Gen “Made In Korea” – (values fluctuate)
  • 3rd Gen German tag (note – rare version tag with rare tush tag)  (values fluctuate)

Special note – 1st gen is the rarest version.  For it to be Korean it will literally say “Made In Korea”.  There is a rumor that 1965KR on the tush tag means for the Korean market.  This is false.  For it to be a “German Tag” means it has the To: From: in italics.  It is a tag produced only in Germany.  Just because our USA market tags say Ty Deutschland does not mean the tag is German.
More information can be found here : Mystic (tan horn, fine mane)
Next up is Coarse Mane Mystic w/ Tan Horn.  This version can come with a 3rd or 4th gen swing tag.  For it to have a value it has to be a 3rd gen.  If it is a 4th gen with the yellow star it’s not worth more than the original retail price of $5.  Coarse Mane has a thicker yarn with fewer strands on the tail.  They average 9 strands.  Coarse Mane Tan Horn looks like this (photographed with the common 4th gen swing tag) 
Values for this version are :

  • 3rd Gen Coarse Mane Tan Horn w/ 1st gen black & white no name tush tag –  $50 – $65
  • 3rd Gen Coarse mane Tan Horn w/ 2nd gen red & white no name tush tag – $35 – $60
  • 3rd Gen Coarse Mane Tan Horn w/ German tags (market fluctuates)
  • 3rd Gen Korean tags – (market fluctuates)
  • 4th gen Coarse Mane Tan Horn – $5 – $10
  • 4th Gen Coarse Mane Made In Korea – $20 – $60

Special note – KR 1965 does not mean it was made for the Korean market.  This is internet rumor.  Legit Korean beanies will literally say Made In Korea.
You can find additional information on this beanie here :
Mystic (tan horn, coarse mane)
Next up is Mystic Coarse Mane Iridescent Horn.  This version is common.  It can come with a 4th or 5th gen swing tag. 

  • 4th Gen – $5 – $10
  • 5th Gen $5 – $10
  • 5th Gen “Made In Indonesia” $8 – $14
  • 5th Gen “Made In Indonesia” with the additional Canadian tush tag $20 – $50 (if you can find one of the specialty buyers)

Additional information on this version can be found here :
Mystic (iridescent horn , coarse mane)
Last, we have Iridescent Horn with the fine rainbow mane : 
This version only came with a 5th gen swing tag.

  • 5th Gen – $5 – $10
  • 5th Gen “Made In Indonesia”  $8 – $14
  • 5th Gen “Made In Indonesia” with the additional Canadian tush tag $20 – $50

More information can be found here : Mystic (iridescent horn, rainbow mane)
As you can see there are several versions of Ty Beanie Baby Mystic The Unicorn.  I’ve probably missed a few in a rush to get accurate information out there.  If you are looking for values for a collection please consider purchasing our price guide.  It pays for this site and the valuable information that we put out for everyone.

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