Glory Beanie Baby in the Spotlight

Glory in the Spotlight By Karen BoekerGlory is one of the Beanies being discussed right now because of alleged high sales.  We’re even going to show a few of the boxed McDonald Teenie Beanie sets that allegedly sold.  Let’s take a look.
At first glance it looks like sellers are hitting the jackpot, doesn’t it?  $5,000 Wow! Let’s dig a little deeper.
That 5K sale never happened.  Vigilante bidder or a fake bidder?

Next –Oh my, you mean they don’t really sell for this?  Nope.  Seller relisted.Another one didn’t sell?  Yeah, we’ve been trying to tell you this.Oh wow, another 0 feedback buyer.   How long before this new ID is suspended?

The last 2 high dollar ones:

Surely you jest!!  Another NO sale?

The last one is a little tricky.  It was a private sale with best offer but we have the tools to research bids.   The best offer on this $1999.99 “sold” item was $100.  Item has been relisted.  No feedback exchanged.  If it did sell it’s the highest priced regular Glory by far, but that’s a big IF. There are plenty for sale around $5.The purpose of showing you all this is just to teach that not everything is as it appears.   This is how the false information keeps going and going.

Reality is that Glory is a very common Beanie Baby. Claimed errors really aren’t errors.  We know that people who don’t know the hobby get very upset when they find out the truth.  Believe me, we are frustrated with the click bait articles that keep these rumors going. Below is a screen shot of actual sales. Nowhere near the rumored amounts.

Please visit our Glory Beanie Fact page.

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