McDonalds Ty Teenie Beanie Babies – Are they worth $$$$$ thousands of dollars?

Determining the value of your McDonald Teenie Beanie Babies

McDonalds Ty Teenie Beanie Babies Collectors are getting very excited, even anxious, about the possibility of having a fortune in their possession in the form of McDonald Teenie Beanie Babies, particularly the ones on cards.   Sellers are adding fuel to the fire, announcing “RARE ERRORS”. Others see and copy.

Here are some auctions as of 12th March, 2018.

Are they really worth this much?  No!!  It’s a MYTH, but don’t shoot the messenger!

As with any auction, just because a seller lists at that price, it doesn’t mean they’ll get it.

Check it out for yourself.  Go to eBay COMPLETED LISTINGS for McDonald Teenie Beanie Babies and see how many prices are in black text because they have not sold, even for a few dollars.

Now go to SOLD LISTINGS and sort from lowest to highest to obtain the most accurate portrayal of what people actually paid.  It is a very different picture.

You can apply this method to any item you are researching on eBay to know the true value of it. As they say, an item is only worth what someone is willing to pay!

Some ask why we say to sort from lowest to highest.  There is an issue on ebay that is ongoing.  Fake sales.

The super high prices that defy all logic usually fall into 4 different categories.

  • Seller sets up a “fake” sale and has someone “buy” it to keep the rumors going. Remember, payment does not have to be made for it to show sold.
  • Vigilante bidders trying to teach the seller a lesson. This can only happen if the seller has “make an offer” or doesn’t have instant payment required.  The buyer never pays. Our understanding of this is twofold.  One, to take the item off the market.  Two, hoping that the seller has to pay final value fees before filing non paying bidder.
  • Money laundering – yes, it happens. Don’t understand it?  Watch Breaking Bad.
  • Drugs. This is a new one that has been passed around from collectors of other items.    We have no idea how it works or if it’s been proven.  It does go hand in hand with money laundering.

Here are some McDonald Teenie Beanie Babies facts:

  • The year being different on the tag and the box of a McDonald’s Teenie Beanie isn’t an error. The year on the tush tag is when “Beanie Babies” was copyrighted. It was printed that way on all of them the first few years.
  • The spelling of Oakbrook and Oak Brook being different on McDonald’s Teenie Beanies is an error but was printed that way on all of them on cardboard packaging so is not rare or valuable.

Hopefully the above article has helped you understand the prices on marketplaces and you realize you are not going to make thousands off them. Now what to do with the ones you have?  You can always donate them, especially if they are still in sealed packages, or you can sell as detailed below.

Where & How to Sell Your McDonald Teenie Beanies

We offer a dedicated thread to selling McDonald Teenie Beanies in our very active facebook group. Please join if you’re not already a member. There is no fee to sell in the group. There are people looking for them, but there are also a lot of people with them for sale. Some are harder to find than others.

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