How to Search Sold Listings on eBay

How to Search Completed and Sold Listings on eBay

The information shared below can be applied to any Ty Product.  If you have a lot of beanie babies though, you are best to just save yourself the trouble and buy the Beanie Babies Price Guide with the work done for you. We regularly research the prices to keep it updated.  The beanie babies price guide does not cover Ty Beanie Buddies, Attic Treasures, and other Ty Products, so follow these directions to find recent sales. I’ll use the Employee Buddy as an example.

You will also need to learn how to weed out the fake sales.  On some common Ty items there are items that appear sold but really didn’t.   We have articles on Beanies that show how to detect these fake sales.  Check out Claude


How Much is My Employee Buddy Worth?

Go to eBay.com and search “ty beanie buddies employee bear” or whatever buddy you wish to know about.

At first you will see all listings for it and the prices that the seller wants. That does not mean it is the price they will get for it. In fact, if it is visible on this page, it means someone hasn’t bought it yet and they may have it priced too high, or it may just be a new listing.

The important part is to go to “sold” listings, also click New or Used depending on which is relevant.  This is a debatable topic because some feel that if a beanie/buddy/ty product is 15 years old, it can’t be classed as new, unless still sealed in original factory sleeves and not put into retail outlets for sale.

Based on the information below, if you wanted to sell it quickly, and it was in good condition, I would put it at $4 or $5 plus shipping.

If you have any questions about this, please let us know in one of our facebook groups 

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