Why to Buy from an Authorized Ty Retailer

Ty Brand is Known for High Standards in Safety and Quality Control

Ty Warner started his company in 1986 with a line of plush cats and has established a reputation as a leader in the plush industry. For that reason, others want to use the Ty name and put it on their products, without the right to do so.


This is why we do not support posts that are of purchases from unproven sources in China.  AliExpress, Alibaba, DHGate, to name a few, are not usually legitimate sources for Ty products.

Importing goods comes with a lot of responsibility. If you are importing Ty, or any other brand name, goods from unauthorized sources in China, be prepared to face legal proceedings concerning the following:

  1. Question of dealing in counterfeit goods
  2. Unlawful use of someone else’s brand name
  3. Issue of factory seconds
  4. Concern of stolen merchandise, including designs
  5. Lack of safety testing
  6. Lack of quality control, sub-standard
  7. Health risks associated with inferior products
  8. Law suit(s) when eyes fall out, or seams come undone and stuffing comes out, and a child or pet chokes on it
  9. Paying import duty and tax and obtaining a custom bond

It is illegal to deal with counterfeit goods. Know your sources. Know the products you are selling.

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