Large Wallace and his Squad

Whenever you see “Large Wallace and his Squad” for sale, know that this is a made-up set. The Large Wallace is a readily available Wallace Beanie Buddy, and the Squad is 4 Beanie Babies: 2 Wallace, 1 Huggy, and 1 Cashew Beanie Babies. There are no versions of any of these that would make them rarer than the next.

The sets you see for sale did not originate from Ty Inc., but instead from a creative seller, and others followed their example, many not even realizing it is extortionate. To add to the confusion, articles have found the set for sale on eBay and it’s made the “most expensive Beanie Babies” lists, one such list puts the value at $660,000!

Don’t expect to get that price. Sellers can list at whatever price they want, but they don’t get it.  Many articles just look at the sellers’ asking price and presume it is accurate.  It is not.  In this case, even searching ‘sold’ listings doesn’t help, because you’ll see they sold for $10,000 – $300,000, but they aren’t real sales. Sometimes it can be a vigilante Beanie Baby collector making the sale and backing out of it.

Take this with a grain of salt.  None of it is based on actual facts.

The description often goes like this:

  • Large Wallace and his Squad. Topping the list of the most expensive Beanie Babies in the world is Large Wallace and his Squad.
  • An IDENTICAL Large Wallace and his Squad is featured as Number 1 on (website)’s top 20 MOST EXPENSIVE BEANIES IN THE WORLD List for $650,000.00! Making this set a TRULY Serious Collectors item whose future value will only continue to RISE!
  • The set includes:
  1. 1) Large Ty Wallace and 2 (ULTRA RARE, Limited Production Scottish International Bears, making them Ty’s last International Bear offerings)
  2. 1) Companion Limited Production Ty Cashew Bear
  3. 1) Companion Limited Production Ty Huggy Bear


There is no ultra-rare limited production of Wallace. Wallace Beanie Baby or Beanie Buddy weren’t even international exclusives, they were available everywhere, worldwide. Wallace Beanie Baby was produced in 1999 and there were a lot of other International Bears produced after that date, including the bear “Scotland”.  There were no limited productions of Cashew or Huggy Beanie Babies.

What is the real value?  As priced in the Beanie Babies and Beanie Buddies Guides, they typically sell for:

  • Wallace Beanie Buddy $5-10
  • 2 Wallace Beanie Babies sell between $2-$10 each
  • Cashew Beanie Baby $4-$8
  • Huggy Beanie Baby $4-$9

Added up, these Beanie Babies and Buddy can be found between $17-$47. No one is going to pay a fortune for these.

Click on the name to read more facts about Cashew, Huggy and Wallace Beanie Babies.

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