beanie Facts

Beanie Name Glory
Style Number 4188
Exclusivity None
Category Bear
Sub Category NF New Face
Theme 4th July, Patriotic Day, Country Flag – USA
Birthday 07/04/97
Intro Date 05/30/98
Retired Date 12/31/98
Hang Tag Gen 5
Tush Tag Gen 6
Copyright Date 1998
Pellets PE
Origin China, Indo
Color white red blue


Wearing the flag for all to see
Symbol of freedom for you and me
Red white and blue – Independence Day
Happy Birthday USA!

Hang tag: Glory

Glory Beanie Buddies’ hang tag:
The flag on Glory the BEANIE BABY
has 12 stars and 13 stripes !

Additional Information

There were 2 Glory Mc Donald’s Teenie Beanies.  One in a plastic package for employees working during the Teenie Beanie Promotion, known as Employee Glory. The other Glory Teenie Beanie was on a cardboard package, known as part of the International Bear Set

Glory was also part of Livent’s Broadway
Glory RAGTIME Broadway Unofficial

Tush tag: Glory

Please read this article for further information about Glory’s value: Glory in the Spotlight

Note: If you have found Glory Handmade in Indonesia with a Canadian tush tag, please send photo of tush tags to:

Glory was also part of some Sports Promotions.
Glory 07/07/98 American League

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