Valuable Ty Beanie Babies with “Yellow Star” Hang Tags

We get asked this question a lot “Are any Beanies with a yellow star on their hang tag valuable or rare?”

The answer to this question is:   There are always exceptions.
Here is a list of 4th & 5th gens that have some value:


4th Generation

Hang Tags

The ‘i’ is not crossed in yellow star. Birthdate in numbers only.

CHOCOLATE with "rnoose" typo or "mocse" typo in poem
INCH (felt antennae)
LIBEARTY w/ "Summer Olympics 1996" birthday (not just "Summer 1996")
LUCKY (21 spots)
MAGIC (Hot Pink stitching)
MAPLE w/ "Pride" tush tag
SLY (Brown Belly)
SNORT w/ Tabasco's name in poem
TANK (no shell, 7 lines)
TANK (no shell, 9 lines)
TANK w/ "boarder" typo in poem
TUCK (Tusk with name misspelled in hang tag)
ALL CAPS - Baldy, Blizzard, Chip, Doodle, Dotty, Echo, Jolly, Nanook, Pugsly, Roary, or Waves with the name in the hang tag spelled in ALL CAPS (Claude and Tuffy ALL CAPS aren't very rare)
Korea - Anything made in Korea (It will literally say “made in Korea”. The “KR” does NOT mean Korean market.)

5th Generation

Hang Tags

The ‘i’ is crossed in yellow star.   Birthdate is written out in full.

BRITANNIA (Indonesian patch flag)
CHOCOLATE w/ "Chocholate" tush tag
CLUBBY w/ 00 tush tag
DAISY w/ Harry Caray hang tag
frekles tush tag oddity
FRECKLES with typo "Frekles" on tush tag
PEACE - certain versions of Peace (neons, 108 or 113 stamps, etc... hard to quantify)
PRINCESS w/ PVC pellets
ROARY w/ McDonald's hang tag
SPINNER w/ "Creepy" tush tag
Indonesia - Anything made in Indonesia that also has a Canadian tush tag (has to be both, not just one or the other)

Also check for missing emblems (Oddities), like Princess without a rose on her chest, Erin without a shamrock, etc.

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