Tank (9 plates, no shell)

beanie Facts

Beanie Name Tank (9 plates, no shell
Style Number 4031
Exclusivity None
Category Animal
Sub Category Armadillo
Theme None
Birthday 02/22/95
Intro Date 05/31/96
Retired Date 12/01/96
Hang Tag Gen 4
Tush Tag Gen 3
Copyright Date 1995
Pellets PVC
Origin China, Korea
Color gray


This armadillo loves the South
Shoving Tex-Mex in his mouth
He sure loves it south of the border
Keeping his friends in good order !

Additional Information

Sometimes called “plates” sometimes called “lines“.  See all variations:

Tank (7-line, no shell)
Tank (9-line, no shell)
Tank (9-line, with shell)

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