beanie Facts

Beanie Name Chocolate
Style Number 4015
Exclusivity None
Category Animal
Sub Category Moose
Theme None
Birthday 04/27/93
Intro Date 01/08/94
Retired Date 12/31/98
Hang Tag Gen 1,2,3,4,5
Tush Tag Gen 1,2,3,4,5,6
Copyright Date 1993
Pellets PVC, PE
Origin China, Korea, Indo
Color brown orange

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Licorice, gum and peppermint candy
This moose always has these handy
There is one more thing he likes to eat
Can you guess his favorite sweet?

Hang tag: Chocolate

Additional Information

The different versions of Chocolate

Here is an example of just how many versions there are of Chocolate :

Pre 1st Gen UK tag – rare
1st Gen w/ 4 line Korea tush (original 9) – rare
1st Gen China – rare
1st Gen UK Sticker – rare

2nd Gen w/ rare embroidered tush tag and Canadian import tag – rare
2nd Gen German/Korea – rare
2nd Gen UK – rare
2nd Gen USA – rare

3rd Gen German (to from w/love in Italics) – rare
3rd Gen Version 2 – less common
3rd Gen Version 3 – 1 copyright symbol – less common
3rd Gen Version 4 – 3 copyright symbols – less common

4th Gen – says Made In Korea – less common
4th Gen – no website – somewhere between less common and common
4th Gen – website covered up –  somewhere between less common and common
4th Gen – website cut off – somewhere between less common and common
4th Gen – Ty Deutschland removed and Ty Canada replaced it – common

5th Gen – China – common
5th Gen – Indonesia – semi common
5th Gen – Indonesia with additional Canadian import tag – less common

Spelling errors that do increase the value:
r noose spelling error in poem
mocse spelling error in poem

Chocholate tush tag oddity

Also see article “yellow star” tags with value

We have also seen chocolate with offset printing on the tag, blank tag inside and multiple tush tag oddities where it has a different beanie tush.

Chocolate has also been found Handmade in Indonesia with a Canadian tush tag on some 5th Generation hang tag Beanies.

Chocolate was also part of some Sports Promotions.
Chocolate 04/17/98 Denver Nuggets
Chocolate 09/05/98 Seattle Mariners
Chocolate 09/06/98 Dallas Cowboys
Chocolate 10/18/98 Tennessee Oilers
Chocolate 01/02/99 Toronto Maple Leafs

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