Beanie Name Iggy (incorrect fabric)
Style Number 4038
Exclusivity None
Category Reptile
Sub Category Iguana
Theme None
Birthday 08/12/97
Intro Date 12/31/97
Retired Date 10/01/98
Hang Tag Gen 5
Tush Tag Gen 6
Copyright Date 1997
Pellets PVC, PE
Origin China


Sitting on a rock, basking in the sun
Is this iguana’s idea of fun
Towel and glasses, book and beach chair
His life is so perfect without a care!


The biggest misconception is that Iggy was mistagged and should be called Rainbow, but it is tagged correctly. The first versions of it had the wrong fabric

There are many variations of Iggy, some would say over 10, especially if you count the different variations with pellets (PVC or PE), hang tag placement (foot or spine), with tongue or without tongue, fabric production (similar to Peace beanies variations), but to simplify matters we’ll give a sampling of them.

Iggy incorrect fabric – as above, and also:

Iggy with incorrect fabric page

Iggy correct fabric shown below

Iggy with correct fabric page

Iggy & Rainbow Article