Where Do I Sell My Ty Beanies?

Facebook Groups

There are several Ty themed groups on Facebook.  Most allow selling.  If you have something desirable people will buy.  If your items are common then people won’t.  It’s as simple as that.   Selling on groups can require a strong backbone.   You will have people critique you.  You will have people tell you your valuable Ty items are worthless and your common Ty items are worth thousands.   It seems that everyone becomes an expert after reading an internet article or two.  Unlike other platforms, people can voice their opinions, wanted or not.  Stick with listening to those who have decades of experience.
Beanie Babies Collectors Facebook Group

Local Facebook Groups

If you do not want to ship your items then this is for you.  Most hobby related groups are going to want you to ship, at least domestically.  Using local groups or Facebook Marketplace allows for local pick up.


eBay has thousands of Ty items for sale and is arguably the largest platform for selling pre owned plush.  You have millions of eyes on your product.  If you have desirable items they will sell, if not they will sit.  The problem that eBay seems to have is bringing in the younger buyers.   The so called Millennial generation relates eBay to their parents generation.  They are tech savvy and know their way around the internet.  We’ve often heard that they are nervous about being ripped off.  These days it’s the opposite.  eBay is VERY buyer friendly and will side with them every time in a dispute if the rules are followed.  It’s probably the best selling platform for preowned items for now.  Other sites are catching up.  Fees vary so be sure you’re aware of them.

eBay Auction Site


Mercari is interesting.  It’s simple to list and very straight forward.  I do find it to be a little slower on delivery.  The buyer pays Mercari.  Once the buyer has received the item and rates the seller Mercari then releases the money to the seller.  Or, if the buyer doesn’t rate then  you can contact Mercari after 3 days and they will release the funds.  Their commission is only 10%.   Mercari is gaining in popularity.

You can get the app at the Apple App Store or Google Play

Mercari Website


Technically Etsy is only for vintage & handmade items.  Beanies with copyright dates prior to 1998 are eligible at this time.  Yes, people lie.  The current definition of vintage is 20 years so it’s easy to figure out.  Mercari seems to be beating out Etsy for this type of merchandise at this time.

Etsy Website


Amazon has rules and rules and rules.  If you can’t handle eBay, you won’t be able to handle Amazon.  It is an incredible platform but it’s for professional sellers who know their way around.  In addition, categories are being gated.  If you aren’t an approved vendor it might be difficult to sell there.

Amazon Website


If you just want to get rid of items and clear the clutter this could be an option.  You will receive pennies on the dollar so it’s not for everyone.  Resellers have to do all the work required to sell an item and store it.   We know of 2 that have been doing this for years and have an excellent reputation within the industry.

Reseller   Sell4Value

Reseller BB Novelties

Resellers in UK

Reseller/Ty Retailer  Boo and Beyond in Wadebridge, Cornwall. Contact email: compass-boo@hotmail.com  


One last option is donating your plush.  Ideas are elementary schools (they use them as prizes for things like learning to read), Senior Citizen Homes (they LOVE them!), Fire Departments, Police, Church, Various overseas organizations (Samaritan’s Purse occasionally takes them), Women & Children shelters.  Children’s Hospitals & doctors’ offices are a good idea IF they will take them.  Many do not. Here are some other ideas for donating Beanies.

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