Starlight (white) (Harrods Exclusive) w/Cert in Case

Beanie Facts

Beanie Name Starlight (white) w/certificate in case
Style Number 46011
Exclusivity Store Excl. – Harrods with 1st Day Cert
Category Bear
Sub Category Sit Down
Theme None
Birthday None
Intro Date 11/06/04
Retired Date 03/27/06
Hang Tag Gen 12
Tush Tag Gen None
Copyright Date 2004
Pellets Not Given
Origin China
Color white

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The Toy Kingdom at Harrods is really great
So go get your skates on and don’t be late
It’s a mystical, magical, wonderful sight
You’ll have sweet dreams all through the night !

Starlight (white) came with a certificate in a case.



Additional Information

2004: Customers were allowed to buy 1 Starlight (white) bear and 10 Starlight (black) bear; just 1 of each with certificate and in acrylic case, the other 9 Starlight (black) were loose.

The Ty Reps said there were 1,000 certificates: 360 Starlight (white) bears, 640 Starlight (black) bears.  The white cased bears sold out within the hour, and customers could buy 1 Starlight (white) loose, without certificate or case.

Invitation to the launch:

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