beanie Facts

Beanie Name Schweetheart
Style Number 4252
Exclusivity None
Category Animal
Sub Category Orangutan
Theme None
Birthday 01/23/99
Intro Date 04/11/99
Retired Date 12/23/99
Hang Tag Gen 5
Tush Tag Gen 7
Copyright Date 1999
Pellets PE
Origin China
Color red brown


Of all the jungles filled with vines
Travelling about, you came to mine
Because of all the things you said
I can’t seem to get you outta my head !

Hang tag: Schweetheart

Schweetheart Beanie Buddies’ hang tag:
Schweetheart the BEANIE BABY
has fabric that is tip dyed. It is made with a
special dying process where only the very
tips are dyed a separate color. It is a
very costly and difficult process !

Additional Information

There are 3 Schweetheart beanie babies:

Schweetheart – 5G, 1/23/99 birthday, style number 4252 (original version)

Schweetheart – 18G, 12/9/11  birthday, style number 42067 (2012 new design)

Schweetheart – 19G, 1/22/13 birthday, style number 42073 (2013 redesign of original version)

Tush tag: Schweetheart

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