Muscle Man Star

beanie Facts

Beanie Name Muscle Man Star
Style Number 40381
Exclusivity None
Category Licensed
Sub Category SpongeBob
Theme None
Birthday None
Intro Date 06/00/06
Retired Date 08/27/07
Hang Tag Gen 19
Tush Tag Gen 15
Copyright Date 2006
Pellets PE Plastic
Origin China
Color pink red


Right-hand side of hang tag:
MUSSEL BEACH: At Goo Lagoon, Patrick
mistakenly believes the sign that reads, “No
Swimming” actually says, “Ice Cream” !
WEIGHT ROOM: When Lifeguard
SpongeBob attempts to save a drowning
Patrick, it becomes very apparent that
these two have more in common than
being invertebrates; neither
can swim !

Hang tag: Muscle Man Star

Additional Information

Left-hand side of hang tag:
Duty” Patrick accidentally drowns when SpongeBob is
mistaken for a lifeguard !

Tush tag: Muscle Man Star

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