Caipora (Ty Store Exclusive)

beanie Facts

Beanie Name Caipora
Style Number 44206
Exclusivity Ty Store Excl.
Category Animal
Sub Category Monkey
Theme Fundraiser – World Wildlife Fund
Birthday None
Intro Date 10/06/05
Retired Date 01/02/07
Hang Tag Gen 13
Tush Tag Gen 13
Copyright Date 2005
Pellets PE Plastic
Origin China
Color orange

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FACT: Golden lion tamarins live in the heavily populated coastal area of Brazil, where less than 2% of the rainforest remains, causing a definite threat to this primate !
SPECIES: Golden Lion Tamarin
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Leontopithecus rosalia
TIDBIT: Golden lion tamarins sleep in tree holes, which are used to conserve heat and to protect them from predators !

Hang tag: Caipora

Additional Information

Profits donated to the WWF – World Wildlife Fund

Tush tag: Caipora

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