Brutus (2010)

beanie Facts

Beanie Name Brutus (2010) (medium eyes)
Style Number 40803
Exclusivity None
Category Animal
Sub Category Dog
Theme None
Birthday 07/09/06
Intro Date 00/00/10
Retired Date Not Given
Hang Tag Gen 17
Tush Tag Gen 15
Copyright Date 2010
Pellets PE Plastic
Origin China
Color black brown


Just because I’m big and tough
That doesn’t mean that I am gruff
So please don’t think that I’m a brute
Just look at me . . . aren’t I too cute ?!

Brutus Beanie Buddies’ hang tag:
The country of origin for
the Rottweiler breed is Germany !

Additional Information

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There are many variations of Brutus over the years. So far we have recorded:


Tush tag: Brutus (2010)

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