beanie Facts

Beanie Name Echo
Style Number 4180
Exclusivity None
Category Aquatic
Sub Category Dolphin
Theme None
Birthday 12/21/96
Intro Date 05/11/97
Retired Date 05/01/98
Hang Tag Gen 4,5
Tush Tag Gen 3,4,5,6
Copyright Date 1996
Pellets PVC
Origin China, Indo
Color blue gray


Echo the dolphin lives in the sea
Playing with her friends, like you and me
Through the waves she echoes the sound
“I’m so glad to have you around!”

Hang tag: Echo

Read about ECHO with its name in the hang tag in all capital letters here.  It is referred to as ECHO All Caps

Additional Information

Echo can come with Waves tags. A lot were produced with mismatched tags. Echo with Waves and also Waves with Echo tags.

Echo has also been found Handmade in Indonesia with a Canadian tush tag on some 5th Generation hang tag Beanies.

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