beanie Facts

Beanie Name Diego
Style Number 40423
Exclusivity None
Category Licensed
Sub Category Go Diego Go
Theme Go Diego Go!
Birthday None
Intro Date 10/31/06
Retired Date Not Given
Hang Tag Gen 14
Tush Tag Gen 13
Copyright Date 2006
Pellets PE Plastic
Origin China
Color blue brown multicolored


i Hola ! i Soy Diego !
Do you want to be an Animal Rescuer with me ?
To the rescue !

Hang tag: Diego

Diego Beanie Buddies’ hang tag:
i Hola ! i Soy Diego !
I am an animal rescuer !
Will you help find animals who need our help ?
To the rescue !
i Al rescate !

Additional Information

Go, Diego, Go  Was also available in a boxed set with a book and CD. Cuddle & Read on the box. Listen and Read on the CD.

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