Beanie Name Clubby IV (Silver button)
Style Number 4996
Exclusivity BBOC
Category Bear
Sub Category NF New Face
Theme Beanie Babies Official Club (BBOC)
Birthday 08/04/01
Intro Date 9/24/01
Retired Date 01/23/02
Hang Tag Gen 9,7
Tush Tag Gen 10
Copyright Date 2001
Pellets PE
Origin China


Which button do you think you’ll get
A gold, a silver, or the whole set
Clubby IV has a surprise for you
Ty Warner autographed a few!


 Clubby IV’s came in a plastic box, and when opened, the button had a sticker over it to hide whether it had a Rainbow, Silver or Gold button.

Jingle beanie available with stitched nose and plastic nose, jingle has no button on chest