Ty Beanie Baby New Face Teddy – 6 Colored NF Teddies. Becky Estenssoro shows the 6 different rare colored Teddies that were introduced in 1995, as well as their swing and tush tags.


New Face Teddies:
Teal – Style #4051
Jade – Style #4057
Cranberry – Style #4052
Violet – Style #4055
Magenta – Style # 4056
Brown – Style # 4050 (This tag ONLY came on the Brown Teddy, not the other colored NF Teddies)

The Teddy tag (2nd or 3rd gen) was randomly put on the 5 colored Teddies without concern of what style # was inside the tag. These were tagged at the factory this way. These are the only Beanies that were tagged this way.

These colored Teddies only come with a 1993 dated 1st gen black & white tush tag, as shown in the video, with the exception of the NF Brown, he also came with a 2nd gen red & white tush tag. NF Brown also came out with a 4th gen swing tag and 3rd, 4th or 5th gen tush tag.