Sherbet (light pink)

beanie Facts

Beanie Name Sherbet (light pink)
Style Number 4560
Exclusivity None
Category Bear
Sub Category NF New Face
Theme None
Birthday 11/26/01
Intro Date 07/30/02
Retired Date 09/10/02
Hang Tag Gen 7,10
Tush Tag Gen 12
Copyright Date 2002
Pellets PE
Origin China
Color pink


Sherbet is my favorite treat
Always light and fun to eat
Raspberry, lime and lemon, too
They’re all my favorites, how about you?

Hang tag: Sherbet (light pink)

Sherbet (light pink) Beanie Buddies’ hang tag:
Sherbet the BEANIE BABY
was originally designed to be a
3-piece collection resembling
rainbow sherbet !

Additional Information

Tush tag: Sherbet (light pink)

See the 6 different versions of Sherbet.

Sherbet (Lilac)
Sherbet (Light Yellow)
Sherbet (Light Pink)
Sherbet (Light Green)
Sherbet (Hot Pink)
Sherbet (Blue)

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