Gary the snail (Best Buy Exclusive)

beanie Facts

Beanie Name Gary the snail (Best Buy tag)
Style Number 47057
Exclusivity Store Excl. – Best Buy
Category Licensed
Sub Category SpongeBob
Theme None
Birthday None
Intro Date 11/00/06
Retired Date 02/27/07
Hang Tag Gen 14
Tush Tag Gen
Copyright Date
Color pink blue green


Right-hand side of hang tag:
HOMETOWN: Bikini Bottom

PROFESSION: Faithful pet

BEST FRIEND: SpongeBob (and Patrick, when he
has a cookie)

HOBBIES: Pretending to be Squidward, and
eating Snail-Po Snail Food

PETS: None, I am a pet.

Additional Information

Left-hand side of hang tag :
SUPER ABSORBENT TRIVIA: In the episode, I Was a Teenage Gary, SpongeBob learns what it’s like to be Gary !


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