Easiest Way to Sort Your Beanie Babies!

What do you do if you’re not a collector and don’t know where to start to organize the Beanies you’ve inherited or discovered? The easiest way is to buy the price guide because it gives a lot more information than you would know without it, like if the Beanie’s exclusive, if it had variations, etc. The research has been done for you.


Write/put everything into an excel sheet using the name on the tush tag.If no name is on the tush tag, set it aside, it may be an older Beanie baby, or from a different Ty Collection. Sort your list alphabetically. (In excel Data sort by column with name in it)

Refer to the Beanie Babies Price Guide.

    1. Is there more than one row for that beanies’ name with different numbers in the hang tag generation column?

If so: Refer to the hang tag chart to match yours up.

If not: then it is most likely the one generation listed.

  1. Is there anything written in the exclusive’s column. They can be worth more money. You wouldn’t necessarily know this information without the Price Guide.
  2. Are there different variations listed, be sure to specify when selling which you have. Sometimes it can affect the price, other times not.
  1. Check the condition. There are 3 prices as guides for mint, non-mint and no hang tag.
  1. It is helpful to potential buyers to have an idea of a price you want, and any relevant information about the beanie: Name, exclusivity, variation, style number, etc. as well as photos.

No name tush tags.

  1. These can be on beanie babies that have/had 1st, 2nd or 3rd Generation hang tags. The tush tags can be black and white writing, or just a red heart. When referring to generations of beanies, it is the hang tag that the generation refers to as a whole. The tush tag is mentioned secondary or if no hang tag is present, but be sure to say no hang tag if that is the case.

There can be a big difference in price for older generations. 1st Generation is the oldest.  If valued high and in good condition, authentication is recommended, and we suggest using TrueBlueBeans.com for authenticating your Beanies.

Besides sorting by hang tag generations, you can also sort by Beanie Type, group Cats together, Dogs, Giraffes, etc.

We have countless blogs on our beaniebabiespriceguide.com website. All free. As well as photographs, poems, and other details in the Beanies pages.

Updated since Original article May 2nd, 2019

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The Beanie Babies Price Guide is the simplest and quickest way to value your Ty Beanie Babies and sell them for bigger profits!

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