Teddy (cranberry, old face)

beanie Facts

Beanie Name Teddy (cranberry, old face)
Style Number 4052
Exclusivity None
Category Bear
Sub Category OF Old Face
Theme None
Birthday None
Intro Date 06/25/94
Retired Date 01/07/95
Hang Tag Gen 1,2
Tush Tag Gen 1
Copyright Date 1993
Pellets PVC
Origin China, Korea
Color cranberry


Early generation hang tags (1st through 3rd) did not have poems.

Their style numbers were mismatched at times between them, apart from the Teddy OF Brown.

The Old Face style Teddies do not have ribbons. The later produced New Face style Teddies, of the same colors, did.

Additional Information

All six”old face” style bears are just named “Teddy”, as are their “new face” counterparts, so it’s important to refer to their colors too.

Teddy (Brown Old Face ) This is the rarest of the 6
Teddy (Cranberry Old Face)
Teddy  (Jade, Old Face)
Teddy (Magenta, Old Face)
Teddy (Teal, Old Face)
Teddy (Violet, Old Face)

Watch this video on Old Face Cranberry Fake vs Authentic Comparison

Click here to watch a video of the 6 Old Face Teddies together.

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