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Insurance When Shipping With The UNITED STATES POST OFFICE

This is a warning to all on how the United States Postal Service (USPS) insurance works. 
This is not about UPS or FedEx insurance.

If you have a claim, they will only pay what you can prove you paid for the item. “Sometimes” they will accept documentation from a recognized expert in lieu of receipts.

If you send multiple items in one box and the box is damaged – to the point that items fall out – they will KEEP the box, all wrapping material AND the items left in the box.

As an example:
  • You send 20 Beanies to a trader.
  • Box is damaged, but is not noted as “damaged” upon delivery (damage is clear upon inspection of your box).
  • There are 4  missing Beanies (you’re lucky and the 4 missing Beanies are the least expensive in the box, but they’re still extremely difficult to replace items).
  • Thankfully the 16 Billionaire Bears made it safely.

To claim the insurance on the 4 missing Beanies, you would have to give up the 16 Billionaire Bears (Because the USPS will keep all contents of the damaged box)!!

Example of loss value:
  • 4 lost Beanies valued at $150.
  • 16 Billionaire Bears valued at $5,600.
  • With say $1,000 insurance.
  • You will have to give USPS $5,750 in beanies, just to get paid for the $1,000.

To qualify for a “missing items” claim, your items must be individually wrapped and protected, absolutely nothing can be sticking out of bubble wrap. If they are not completely enclosed, your claim will be denied for improper packaging.

When shipping in a box be sure to fill any void space with packing material before shipping.

This is not about single beanies or low dollar shipments.

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