Beanie Name Shiloh
Style Number 44208
Exclusivity Ty Store WWF
Category Rodent
Sub Category Black footed ferret
Theme None
Birthday None
Intro Date 01/19/06
Retired Date 03/10/06
Hang Tag Gen 14
Tush Tag Gen 13
Copyright Date 2005
Pellets PE Plastic
Origin China


FACT: WWF is active in the Great Plains, home to a variety of species like the black footed ferret. WWF is working to restore the region and bring the black footed ferret back from the brink of extinction !
SPECIES: Black Footed Ferret
BIRTHPLACE: North American Great Plains
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Mustela nigripes
TIDBIT: The ferret spends about 99% of its time underground, leaving its burrow only briefly at night to hunt for food !