Trading Cards – Series 3 Birthday/Rookie Cards

Birthday/Rookie  Cards

There are 12 Birthday/Rookie Cards in four colors, teal, magenta, silver and Gold. They are numbered 31-42. (No gold example.)
The word Rookie is in a yellow oval, on Beanies that were  introduced  in 1999.


 Back of Cards


The back of the cards give a history lesson on what happened on that birthday day in the past. 
1998 Holiday Teddy | 1999 Signature Bear | Britannia Front
1998 Holiday Teddy | 1999 Signature Bear | Britannia Back
Eggbert | Flip | Flutter Front
Eggbert | Flip | Flutter Back
Millennium Bear | Velvet | Clubby II Front
Millennium Bear | Velvet | Clubby II Back
Eucalyptus | Knuckles | Schweetheart Front
Eucalyptus | Knuckles | Schweetheart Back

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For more information about quantities, values, etc., please visit Jenny Brian’s website “beanielad.com”, and join Barbara Ashley’s “bbtrading cards” Facebook group.


They are the authority on Trading Cards.


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