The Ty Beanie Baby Billionaire #10 Bear Video discusses all the details of an authentic Billionaire Bear. Below the video are pictures of the Authentic Ty Billionaire #10 Beanie Baby, as well as the hang and tush tags.



Billionaire #10 Bear has a beautiful solid dark pink fabric. There is a dollar sign, and the number 10, embroidered on his chest in a solid purple thread. The ribbon is also a solid purple color.

The inside of the hang tag is signed, and hand numbered, by Ty in black ink. There were only 457 of these Bears produced.

The back of Billionaire #10 Bear’s hang tag does not reference any event where these bears were handed out. They were just given directly to the employees – Ty Employee Exclusive 2007.

The ONLY tush tag that came on Billionaire #10 is a 13th generation red-heart hologram tush. These Billionaire #10 tushes ONLY came with a 2007 copyright date and “HANDMADE IN CHINA”.