Ty Beanie Baby Old Face Violet Teddy Fake vs Authentic Comparison

Ty Beanie Baby Old Face Violet Teddy – Fake vs Authentic. Becky Estenssoro shows how to tell the differences between a counterfeit Old Face Violet Teddy Beanie and a real Ty OF Violet Teddy.

This is representative of only one counterfeit version of Old Face Violet Teddy. There are many. Old Face Violet Teddy only came with a black and white tush tag, 1993 copyright date and Handmade in Korea or Handmade in China, as shown in the video.

The Teddy tag (1st or 2nd gen) was randomly put on the 5 colored Teddies without concern of what style # was on the tag. These were tagged at the factory this way. These are the only Beanies that were tagged this way.

Old Face Teddies Beanie Facts Pages:
Teal – Style #4051
Jade – Style #4057
Cranberry – Style #4052
Violet – Style #4055
Magenta – Style # 4056
Brown – Style # 4050 (This tag ONLY came on the Brown Teddy, not any of the other colored OF Teddy’s)

If you see a 1995 dated tush tag or a different version tush tag other than what’s shown in the video, it is fake. Period.

Please visit our Old Face Violet Teddy Beanie page.

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