The Attic Treasures Collection

Ty Inc. introduced the Attic Treasures Collection in 1993, this was before Ty Beanies Babies were available. The Ty Attic Treasures are a separate product line from the Ty Beanie Babies. Ty discontinued the entire Attic Treasure line in 2002 – he doesn’t manufacturer Attics Treasures anymore, the remaining styles were retired on December 27, 2002.

Initially the Attic Treasures were all jointed with movable arms, legs and head. However, some of the later styles were not jointed and were a very close resemblance to Beanie Babies. Attic Treasures were made with different materials than Beanies – some only sporting a ribbon around their neck, some were clothed, wore hats or had bows in their hair, and a lot had no clothes at all!

Even though Attics have red Ty Heart tags, their tag generations are different than the Beanie Babies. There are 7 generations of hang tags (with variations), and many different variations of tush tags!

On the 1st,  2nd and 3rd  generation hang tags it says, “The Attic Treasures Collection”. However, on some of the 2nd gen Attic hang tags, a mistake was made, and some will say “The Beanie Babies Collections” – this was a printing error.

1st Generation – 100% Wool
The Attic Treasures Collection








1st Generation
The Attic Treasures Collection








2nd Generation
The Attic Treasures Collection
The Beanie Babies Collection










3rd Generation


The Attic Treasures Collection






Inside the 4th, 5th, 6th & 7th gen tags it says, “Ty Collectibles”. Some 6th gen tags also came with “The Attic Treasures Collection” inside the tag. The difference between the 5th and 6th gen tags is – the 6th gen tag has Comic Sans font on the inside and the style number to the right of the name was removed.

4th Generation


Ty Collectibles







5th Generation


Ty Collectibles







6th Generation
Ty Collectibles
The Attic Treasures Collection








7th Generation


The Attic Treasures Collection







An excellent source of information on Attic Treasures, including pictures of all Hang & Tush Tag Generations, Original 12 Attic pictures, Oddities, a Checklist and information on each Attic Treasure, please visit Sally Grace’s Attic Treasures website Sal’s Attic – www.salsattic.com. She’s a well-known Attic Treasures expert in the industry.

In 1993 Ty Warner introduced the first 12 Attic Treasures in the series. These all had 1st generation Ty red hang tags.

  •  Clifford
  •  Dexter
  •  Fraser
  •  Gilbert
  •  Henry Gold
  •  Jeremy
  •  Reggie
  •  Sara
  •  Tiny Tim
  •  Tyler
  •  Woolie Brown
  •  Woolie Gold

A Rare Attic – Tyra with Pom-Poms

Tyra, the cheerleader, was initially introduced in the Fall of 1999. These first edition Tyra’s had pom-poms attached to their hands. They were reported to be a choking hazard to children and were never supposed to leave the Ty warehouse. Apparently, several leaked out, but exact numbers are not known (These allegedly were said to be stolen from Canada). This is one of the most sought-after Attic’s.

Attic Treasures with 1st (especially the original 12) and 2nd generation hang tags are the ones that usually fetch the highest dollar. eBay is the best source to check on the values of Attic Treasures. Click here to see How to Search Completed and Sold Listings On eBay for current selling prices.

Keep in mind if prices are in the thousands of dollars, then it’s a fake sale. Check out our Beanies in the Spotlight to determine how to spot a fake sale on eBay.

Click here to read about Piccadilly from The Attic Treasures Collection.

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