Tag Protectors for Beanie Babies and Buddies

Tag protectors are designed to protect your investment. There are different types and it is important to learn the correct way to apply them so they do protect and don’t damage the tag. We will add a video soon showing how to use each style. Meanwhile, here’s a breakdown of what is available. It s definitely advisable to put tag protectors on for shipping purposes.

BTP brand Tag Protectors
BTP  tag protectors are the original, patented design, by Mitchells. They are made of Archival Plastic and have an Acid and Oil-Free surface. They enable the ‘t’ of the plastic attacher to fit neatly inside the oblong-raised part.  Mitchells do supply different sized tags for 1st Generation and extra-large buddies. The regular size does fit both Beanie Babies and Beanie Buddies.  These are not always available but Michells do have some for sale right now on eBay. They are worth grabbing when you can get them. Shop here.

Open Tag Protectors
There are times when it is desired to show inside the tag, and for that, an ‘open’ tag protector is needed.  There are lightweight ones and Ty brand ones that are heavier and harder plastic.

Raised Heart Tag Protectors
An alternative to BTP is tag protectors with a raised heart that the attacher fits in.  There are various companies that manufacture these and one of our Members does supply one type and the feedback received has been positive. 

Locket Tag Protectors

These have a deep ‘well’ inside, rather than a raised outer part for the attacher.

Slip-on Protectors
These are not recommended. The attacher must stay on the outside so as not to indent the paper tag, and then they easily fall off, or worse, any dampness around, the plastic gets stuck to the paper tag and it gets ruined when taken off.

If you have any questions about tag protectors, feel free to ask them in the Beanie Babies Collectors Facebook group.

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