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There has been a recent influx lately of online raffles for Beanie Babies popping up. Some may surface in the forms of newly created Facebook groups. Others may be occurring entirely on personal timelines or even within private email chains. Some of you may have even been invited to join/participate within these virtual raffles. While online raffles can be a good bit of fun (when run correctly) we’d like to remind our members of a few very notable things:



  • Online raffles are considered “games of chance” and are regulated not only on a state by state level, but a federal level as well (regulations at the state level are often overseen by, but not limited to, gaming commissions etc)


  • Extremely few organizations are legally allowed to organize and host online raffles. In no state, anywhere within the US, is a sole individual legally allowed to operate any games of chance (raffles, bingo etc)


  • Absolutely FREE giveaways where a winner is chosen at random to receive a prize and/or money WITHOUT providing any prior payments, services or “donations” are NOT considered a game of chance and do not apply (these are completely acceptable and often used as forms of promotion at the organizers expense ALONE)


  • Clever explanations and self-discovered “loopholes” pertaining to the words and terms used in explaining the raffling process and/or the eventual planned use of the proceeds do not constitute legitimacy or legality


  • Claims that any or even ALL of the proceeds going towards a charity, non profit organization, local civil services or betterment foundations do not constitute legitimacy or legality


  • Referring to payments as “donations” or “gift offerings” does NOT make them something other than a payment. Referring to a raffle as a “sweepstakes” or “waffle” does NOT make it something other than a raffle


  • Online raffles (while plentiful on Facebook for just about anything) are indeed against Facebook’s standards/code of conduct


  • Payments for online raffles (being sent or received) are also against Paypal’s standards/code of conduct


  • Hosting ILLEGAL online raffles are against the law in every. single. state •In certain states, participation in an illegal online raffle is against the law (in many instances a misdemeanor offense) •In certain states, online raffles ARE allowed to be organized and operated by: -Qualified Non-Profit Charitable Foundations -Qualified Gambling Institutions (Casinos etc) -Qualified Religious Societies -Qualified Volunteer Fire Departments -Qualified Volunteer Emergency Medical Services (additional rules and regulations can and often do still apply to these orgs depending on state)


  • ALL legal online raffle operators should have: -A registered and searchable EIN with the United States IRS -A registered and searchable state license and number signed and provided by the Attorney General from the state within which the organization is headquartered and operated


  • While we all love and enjoy Beanie Babies, and some may feel as though these raffles are harmless fun at the risk of losing a few dollars (or possibly a lot) breaking the law is something our group/community does NOT promote or condone! If you choose to participate in an illegal online raffle you may become the victim of scamming, stolen information, or possible legal repercussions and we CANNOT help you! Protect yourselves from becoming involved with any and all illegal activities as they pertain to this otherwise wonderful hobby! (As well as in general)


Beanie Babies Collectors admins & mods, BBPG and TBB are neutral and do not endorse anyone.

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