Piccadilly from The Attic Treasures Collection

One of the most asked about Attic Treasures in our Facebook group is Piccadilly. It can come in either a colorful red, blue, green, yellow clown’s outfit with a red collar or a blue and green clown’s outfit.  It also can be mis-tagged as Azalea, and some 6th Gen with Ty Collectibles on the front can say ‘Sm. Bear’ inside.

Researching prices can be difficult because at first view you would think it was worth a fortune. All of these prices are what the seller would like, not what they are actually selling for.

You have to click on “sold items” on the left-hand side of the eBay listings to see what they sell for, but weed out ‘fake sales’ and ‘best offer accepted’ prices, because it doesn’t update to what the offer was.



It currently is valued between $5-$20, but click on the eBay link below for the very latest sales and scroll through all the sold ones. There is nothing that makes one worth hundred’s of dollars more than another.

Hang tag generations for The Attic Treasures Collection and The Beanie Babies Collection are different. A 7th Generation Attic Treasures hang tag with a phrase inside, is often confused with a 3rd Generation Beanie Babies hang tag.  They look the same from the front, but on the inside left it will say which collection it is. Piccadilly is from “The Attic Treasures Collection”.

7th gen Attic Treasures Hang Tag
The Attic Treasures Collection







Click here to read more about The Attic Treasures Collection.

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