Kookoo (retail)

beanie Facts

Beanie Name Kookoo (retail)
Style Number 42128
Exclusivity None
Category Animal
Sub Category Koala
Theme None
Birthday 01/18/–
Intro Date 05/00/15
Retired Date Not Given
Hang Tag Gen 19
Tush Tag Gen 15
Copyright Date 2015, 2016
Pellets Plastic
Origin China
Color gray


I live outback, way down under
I have no fear except for thunder !

Hang tag: Kookoo (retail)

Additional Information

There is also a Santa Barbara Zoo exclusive Kookoo with a different poem and birthday, but same style number.

Fuzzy and cuddly high up in a tree,
Black of nose and grey is he.
He lives on a diet of leaves so rare,
And is a marsupial, not a bear.

Tush tag: Kookoo (retail)

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