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Glory Beanie Baby in the Spotlight

Glory in the Spotlight By Karen BoekerGlory is one of the Beanies being discussed right now because of alleged high sales.  We’re even going to

Iggy vs Rainbow Beanie Babies

Here’s the Scoop on the Iggy and Rainbow Versions There are many variations of Iggy the Iguana and 2 variations of Rainbow the Chameleon. These

Large Wallace and his Squad

Whenever you see “Large Wallace and his Squad” for sale, know that this is a made-up set. The Large Wallace is a readily available Wallace

Princess Beanie Baby Debated

Ty Beanie Babies Princess is one of the most hotly debated Beanies that Ty has ever produced. This all stems from some enterprising individuals who

The Attic Treasures Collection

Ty Inc. introduced the Attic Treasures Collection in 1993, this was before Ty Beanies Babies were available. The Ty Attic Treasures are a separate product

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