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Beanie Babies 2.0 Collection

If you come across a hang tag that seems to be attached incorrectly, don’t worry, it is most likely a Beanie Babies 2.0 and meant

Donations of Beanie Babies

We are often asked about where it is best to donate  Beanie Babies and Other Plush Toys, and under normal circumstances it’s easy to find

Insurance USPS

Insurance When Shipping With The UNITED STATES POST OFFICE This is a warning to all on how the United States Postal Service (USPS) insurance works. 

Livent’s Broadway Beanies

Broadway Beanie Babies were officially sanctioned by Ty Inc. for Livent to use as commemoratives for their Broadway Shows. Each beanie was carefully chosen to represent a character

Original 9 Beanie Babies

Facts About the Original 9 Ty Beanie Babies To understand about Beanie Babies BROWNIE, PUNCHERS, PATTI BEANIES, AND ORIGINAL 9 BEANIES, you have to go


Hello everyone! There has been a recent influx lately of online raffles for Beanie Babies popping up. Some may surface in the forms of newly

Safe Payments

Safe Payments In this day and age you must learn to protect yourself from fraudulent online sellers. It can happen anywhere.  From online behemoth eBay

Sell My Beanies!

Many people want to sell their Beanies and the good news is, there are still people collecting or buying them as gifts. What is selling?

Tag Generations Beanie Babies

Hang Tag (a.k.a. Swing Tag) & Tush Tag Generations A Ty Beanie Baby has 2 tags. A Hang Tag (paper tag held on by the plastic attacher)

Where Do I Sell My Ty Beanies?

Facebook Groups There are several Ty themed groups on Facebook.  Most allow selling.  If you have something desirable people will buy.  If your items are

Chef Robuchon Ty Beanie Baby

Which Ty Beanie is the Rarest?

The Rarest Ty Beanie Babies fall into different groups.       Rarest Ty Beanie Babies. Each group has its own rarest Beanies in it. Sometimes

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