Australia – Flag

The present Australian flag can be considered to consist of three main elements:
1. The Union Jack in the upper left quadrant denotes Australia’s historical links with Great Britain.
2. The constellation of the Southern Cross, on the right half of the flag, consists of five stars in a more or less kite-like pattern.
3. The Commonwealth Star or Star of Federation, located in the lower left quadrant, has seven

points to denote the six states and the combined territories of the Commonwealth.

Australia – Flower

Golden Wattle – Acacia pycnantha was accepted as Australia’s national flower for much of last century but it was not proclaimed as the national floral emblem until 1988, the year of Australia’s bicentenary.

Significant Australian Dates

January 26th, Australia Day. This is Wattlie bears’ birthday

Meaning of names:  Aussie is slang for an Australian person.  Ocker is slang for ‘distinctively Australian’.  Starry means a lot of stars.

All hang tags and tush tags are in English

Wattlie                                      Birth date: January 26th, 2002

I love to climb trees and play with you
My friends are Koala and Kangaroo
My name is Wattlie and that’s who
Will you be my friend too?


Aussiebear                                Birth date: January 25th, 2003

My home is called the land “Down Under”
Filled with beauty, awe and wonder
From the Outback to the Great Barrier Reef
The experience here is beyond belief!


Ocker (AP excl)                         Birth date: January 1st, 2004

The Wattle blooms in gold & green
The prettiest thing I’ve ever seen
I’d like to share this one with you
What Ocker wouldn’t love it too ?


Australia (I love)                       Birth date: January 12th, 2005

I love Australia, it’s true
With all our crocs and kangaroo
You see why we are quite unique
So come down under and take a peek !


Starry                                      Birth date: January 20th   2005

The Aussie flag’s unique, you see
It tells you of our history
Under the Southern Cross stars at night
And the Commonwealth Star we did unite !

Refer to the chart with the Asia Pacific Sets mapped out