Ty Beanie Babies Patti Deep Fuchsia is one of the four color variations of this beautiful platypus.  Patti was one of the original 9 Beanie Babies. This Beanie Baby was produced in Deep Fuchsia, Raspberry, Magenta and Fuchsia. There are some shade variances within the Raspberry color wheel. Through the years collectors have enjoyed the thrill of the hunt trying to find all of the different versions.

Ty Beanie Babies Patti Deep Fuchsia came with a 1st generation swing tag and a 1st gen Made In Korea 4 line tush tag. Deep Fuchsia Patti did not come with any later tags with the exception of the replicas that were produced in 2005..

You can find the variations of Ty Beanie Babies Patti Deep Fuchsia the platypus through different avenues.  This beanie baby was counterfeited, primarily the 2nd generation version.  TThe 1st generation swing tag fake was a lasered tag. The 3rd gen versions had a lot of swing tag swapping going on so be careful if you are looking for a particular color.  Buying authenticated 1st, 2nd or 3rd generation beanies is the smartest way to purchase if you do not know how to distinguish the differences.

In 2005 Ty Inc announced they would be selling sets of Original 9 replicas.  There were 5 different assortments and you did not know which versions came in each bag. Each group of the Original 9 replicas had one rare Beanie Baby.  The distribution was completely random. Patti the platypus was replicated in 3 of the colors. Those colors were Deep Fuchsia Patti, Raspberry Patti and Light Pink Patti.


Ty Beanie Babies Patti Deep Fuchsia Platypus

Beanie Name Patti (deep fuchsia)
Style Number 4025
Exclusivity None
Category Aquatic
Sub Category Platypus
Theme None
Intro Date 06/15/05
Retired Date 06/15/05
Hang Tag Gen 1
Tush Tag Gen 1
Copyright Date 1993
Pellets PVC
Origin China, Korea


Ran into Patti one day while walking
Believe me she wouldn’t stop talking
Listened and listened to her speak
That would explain her extra large beak!