Beanie Name Germania
Style Number 4236
Exclusivity Germany
Category Bear
Sub Category NF New Face
Theme None
Birthday 10/03/90
Intro Date 01/01/99
Retired Date 12/23/99
Hang Tag Gen 5
Tush Tag Gen 7
Copyright Date 1999
Pellets PE
Origin China


Hang tag is in German inside:
Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit
ist der Deutschen Einheitslied.
Allen Kindern brav und fein
soll dieser Bar der Liebste sein !

Translated into English:
Unity and Justice and Freedom
Is the song of German unity.
All good little girls and boys
Should love this little German bear.


There were 3 different variations of Germania.
1. Gerburtsag was misspelled inside hang tag, and back of hang tag was in English instead of German, looped tush tag.
2. Gerburtstag spelled correctly inside hang tag. German writing on back of hang tag, looped tush tag.
3. Same as 2 but with single tush tag.